Maternity Photography India

Hello Everyone!

I've meant to start a blog with the intention of starting a dialogue with both mum & dads as well as photographers who are interested in the work we do. I've always been asked, Why Maternity, Newborn & Kids Photography?

As a kid, I used to spend summers at my grandparents’ house in Kerala. I remember pouring over the huge collection of pictures they had of me, snapshots of my life captured for eternity. Those albums were time-turners for me, each picture teleporting me to either a blurry or vivid memory of the time and place it was taken, and the story tied to that moment.

After graduation, I found myself in Photography School, and all those memories would pay me a warm visit every now and then. When I started to think about what photography meant to me, It was all about capturing moments & memories. For myself and others.  I knew I would like to create such lasting memories for others at some point, but wasn't sure of when the right time would be. I decided to begin working in the commercial industry and see where it takes me. Unsurprisingly, the sales oriented non personal nature of the commercial industry bored me very soon. I didn’t find enough inspiration there. And then, what had been a fuzzy, distant dream
materialised into a breathing, kicking and alive entity with The Looking Glass.

Though my perspective is mostly clean and classic, I tend to dip into a bit of whimsy with my setups and concepts, for which my super creative sister, Sneha, teams up with me. Together, we try to provide a wholesome experience. My sessions include styling tips, use of our wide range of outfits, accessories, wraps, belts, and props and anything else that we keep adding to our collection.

There are so many joys we experience in life, the most valuable of them being the joy we feel in the company of our loved ones and the family unit being the closest of them all. To be able to capture and preserve that bond you share with your newly growing family is what I aim to do. Do take time to go through the work on my websites and maybe we'll meet for a session soon! :)

-Sanya Sundar